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Marie Raven
15 May
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Gutted of station, noise alone,
The crow's voice trembles down the sky
As if this nitrous flange of stone
Wept suddenly with such a cry;
As if the rock found lips to sigh,
The riven earth a mouth to moan;
But we hear them, stumbling by,
Confuse their torments with our own.

Over the huge abraded rind,
Crow-countries graped with dung, we go,
Past gullies that no longer flow
And wells that nobody can find,
Lashed by the screaming of the crow,
Stabbed by the needles of the mind.

Crow Country - by Kenneth Slessor

(This is the straight journal, the web log of sporadic events and emotions I feel like sharing, as well as other meaningless sundries. I am also user corbie. That is a writing journal that invites constructive critique and hopes to see some one day.)

[I moved out of here.]
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