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Women's Work
For a brigits_flame mini contest. 100 word prompt, 'Manual'. Nonfiction(!).

Women's Work

Handspinning connects me to my ancient female ancestry. The spindle falls, balanced against its own gyroscopic motion, fiber flows through my fingers, lofty roving transforms into strong thread.

Lace floats in Shetland autumns generations ago. Viking sails strain, one ship requiring everything that four spinners could produce in a season. This wool and wood is a powerful heritage. My hands and the spindle know this craft better than my cluttered modern intellect. I catch my spindle to wind a length, the thread travels far further than the distance between my outstretched hands: to the womb of the first strong woman.

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very nice
It brings reminds me of my youth and summer spent with the grandmother.
On a more fatastical note it also brings to mind a realistic version of Sleeping Beauty.

Oddness: My friends page originally told me this was written by another of my friends but once I hit reply I saw your name, and refreshing the friends page gave me the correct ID.
Either I am going crazy or something's up with LJ.

I like your word choice... Whoa.

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